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What happens if my customer receives the wrong item?

If your customer contacts you because they received the wrong item, please ask them to send you a picture where the mistake can be clearly seen.

Then, simply contact our customer service at these addresses and send us the picture:

Our customer service will then find the best solution for you.

We use the picture you send us to document the issues and to make sure we can learn from them.


What happens if my customer does not like the product and sends it back?


* Explain merchants what happens if a customer complains to the merchant


* rework current article

* some details we need to give the customer

-> if customer complains there are several reasons -> size and fit, personal taste, product defects

-> if size and fit or personal taste -> nothing we can take back

-> if product defect

----> merchant should get a picture of the defect and we will refund the money if we can see the defect (picture is also needed for internal quality optimizations)

----> in case there is a defect we will refund the money

----> if customer wants replacement, merchant needs to place new order within the shop or as a sample order


Current Article:

SPOD is more than happy to find a solution for any product quality issues. Unfortunately, matters of personal taste can not be considered cause for a refund.

If your customer wants to have an alternative product (e.g. different color) sent, a manual order should be placed for this customer.

Where can I see refunded orders?


* Merchants know where to find a list of refunded orders

* rework below article to remove any reference to Shopify

* show option to filter for refunded orders in order list

* link to information on refund of money


Should there be a need for SPOD to refund an order, these can be easily identified in the app on the order page with the tag "Refunded". 

All downloadable order CSV files, and invoices will also show the refunds. 





What happens if my customer is unsatisfied the product?

SPOD will handle any expenses that are related to orders being misprinted or containing any defects. See What happens if my customer receives a product with a defect?

If your customer wants to return an article that doesn't contain any defects, this will be handled at your expense.