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What happens when an order is placed?

If you have opted for manual order review, new orders will be marked as “open” in your dashboard until you manually approve them for fulfillment. Once you approve the order, we’ll authorize a payment (place a hold) for product/shipping costs with the credit card on file. We’ll then print, pack, and ship the order(s).

There are some checks that you should do before requesting fulfillment:

  • Check that the shipping address is deliverable, e.g. that the shipping is complete and correctly filled out 
  • Check there is a customer name
  • Check the customer has paid

Once the package is shipped, we will:

  • Charge the credit card on file
  • Update the Shopify order status to “fulfilled”

To be clear, there’s a difference between “authorizing” a payment on the credit card and “charging” the credit card. You do not pay a penny until the product has been shipped.

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What if manual order review is deactivated?

If manual order review is deactivated, your orders will automatically go into production with no review from you. This means SPOD will:

  • Authorize the payment on the merchant’s credit card
  • Complete the production process
  • Ship the order
  • Charge the merchant’s credit card

Can an order be changed before it is shipped?

Once you have approved an order, there is still a chance to edit or cancel the order, but only before it is taken into production. You can cancel the order via "All Orders" in the app. You can also change the shipping address before an order moves to In Production. 

Once an order moves to "In production" there is no longer an option to edit the details of the order or cancel it. SPOD will not refund orders that need to have details changed, or be canceled.


How and why do I need to approve orders manually?

Prior to approving an order and sending the it to be fulfilled by SPOD please make sure to check the following (once an order is 'In Production' the order cannot be changed):

  • Check that the shipping address is deliverable, e.g. check the shipping is complete and correctly filled out 
  • Check there is a customer name
  • Check the customer has paid

If you have activated manual order review, you can request fulfillment by:

  • Open the SPOD app and select the All Orders tab
  • Open the Order Detail page by clicking anywhere on the order row
  • Click the Request Fulfillment button 

Can I create manual/draft orders?

Merchants have the ability to create “draft orders,” which are orders placed on behalf of the customer. These are similar to standard orders, and we’ll proceed with the traditional process once the payment has been received. All the merchant has to do is send their customer an invoice and await their payment.

It’s important to remember that all orders need a proper shipping address. If the shipping address is incomplete or missing, the orders will not be created. In order to proceed with production, the proper shipping address will need to be submitted.

If you believe the shipping address is correct and the order hasn’t shipped within 48 hours, then please contact if you are in North America or if you are in Europe.

What do the different order states mean?

SPOD created different payment and fulfillment states for you to understand exactly what is happening with your order. Also, if there is an issue, this will be clearly highlighted to you. 

Please see the explanations of the order states below: 


What order information does SPOD provide?

When a customer completes an order, merchants will have access to a wealth of information. This means you’ll have the ability to keep tabs on everything that goes into production and shipping.

Specifically, merchants will have access to

  • SPOD tracking ID
  • The specific order’s history
  • A downloadable invoice
  • A comprehensive breakdown of products and shipping costs
  • The ability to duplicate orders (more info below)
  • The ability to contact customer service about a specific order
  • The ability to cancel an order
  • Ability to request fulfillment (more info below)


How can I see the status of the order?

Under the orders section in your Shopify dashboard, you will find a list of your orders. By filtering for the ‘SPOD’ tag, you will receive a list of all orders to be fulfilled by SPOD. By clicking on an order, you will see all items fulfilled by SPOD and their corresponding status (pending, fulfilled, etc.).

However, we recommend you check the status of the order in our SPOD app. Here you will find more detail on the order status than those shown in the Shopify order page.  

By clicking the Orders tab of the SPOD app you will find a list of all your orders being fulfilled by SPOD. Here, you can see a column with the name Status. Each order will have a status that is shown. There are different order states, you can find the details on what each order status means here.