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How to get started with Order Desk


Connecting SPOD and Order Desk is an easy process.

First you will need to create an Order Desk account.

Then you need to create an Order Desk integration within your SPOD account and copy the API key.

Go back to your Order Desk account and find the SPOD integration, and paste in the API key.

The two systems are now connected. With an external platform also connected to Order Desk, you will be able to route orders with SPOD products on external platforms to SPOD via Order Desk.

The only thing left to ensure is that the SPOD SKU of your product is in the product on the external platform. Both Order Desk and SPOD will use this SKU to route and produce the product and order.

How are orders imported from Order Desk to SPOD?


There are two options within Order Desk to send orders to SPOD.

If you want orders to be automatically sent to SPOD for fulfillment then please tick the option below. Once this option is selected orders with SPOD SKUs will be automatically sent to SPOD.




If you would like to review and send each order individually you will need to send the order by selecting the button below "SPOD Fulfillment"





How to integrate different shop systems with Order Desk


When in your Order Desk store, you need to search for the integration of choice. Then you need to enable the integration and follow the instructions for that integration.

For SPOD you would need to copy the API key in your SPOD account and paste it in the SPOD integration.