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How do I install the SPOD plugin for WooCommerce?


* Merchant knows how to install the WooCommerce plugin and get started



* download the WooCommere Plugin from your SPOD Backend

* go to Wordpress Admin -> Plugins -> Installed Pluginsscreencapture-wordpress-test01-ia1-sprd-net-8000-wp-admin-plugins-php-2021-04-08-18_24_32__1_.png

*click "add new"


* click upload plugin



* click select file and select zip file 

* click install now

* click on "activate plugin"


* on the left hand side menu a new menu entry appears -> SPOD

* click on SPOD and enter your API Key

* If the API Key is correct, you are done with the installation. To get it running check here.





How are orders imported from WooCommerce to SPOD?





* if order in woocommerce enters the status "processing" the plugin automatically forwards the needed order information to SPOD and creates an order in your account

* to see the order go to your account and filter for the wooCommerce orderID

* in case something went wrong with the order, it will also be displayed there 

* as soon as everything is properly imported and set (e.g. payment method is defined for your account) the order will get the status "ready for production" and will be pulled into production as soon as possible.

* the SPOD plugin reflects this also in the WooCommerce order detail page with the status "Order processing"


How to get started with WooCommerce


* merchant can set up the SPOD WooCommerce app and knows how to get products and orders in



* prerequisite to get this running is a wordpress instance version 4.3 or higher and an installed woocommerce plugin

Steps to go:

  • get an account on
  • add a integration 
  • get the api key
  • download the wordpress plugin here
  • install the plugin and activate it
  • add the api key
  • After this is done the plugin imports the currently created products for this integration from spod
  • adjust the settings (check your tax settings) of the product and publish it
  • if a customer orders a SPOD product the order is automaitcally

How can I send a shipping confirmation to my customers?


* Merchant can set up a shipping notification for orders fulfilled by SPOD


* SPOD is not sending mails directly to the customer, needs to be done by Merchant manually or via WooCommerce

* When SPOD ships an item, the order is updated in WooCommerce and set to the status "order processed"

* With this the merchant can set up an mail automation as explained here: