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COVID-19 Updates

Last updated: July 13th 2020

Our production capacities have increased.

We’re currently shipping 50% of orders within 4 business days and 90% of orders within 5 business days. We hope to be back to our 48-hour production time soon.

Due to the higher order volume our support team might take up to 4 business days to reply on your messages.

Production facilities live status: 

SPOD Core Production, Greensburg, PA - OPEN

SPOD Core Production, Henderson, NV - OPEN

Products we are currently not accepting orders for:

Full Color Mug
Full Color Panoramic Mug
Baseball cap
Lunch bag
Canvas backpack
Fanny pack
Carry all pouch
Pillow Case 32 x 20

Products that could be send to a Backup Facility: 

SPOD Backup Facilities, several locations in the US - CLOSED

SPOD Backup Facilities, several locations in the EU - OPEN

We also started sending individual orders to backup facilities to relieve our core facilities. Those orders are handled as usual and you should not notice any difference.  

We are taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our production employees and their communities and are happy to see products run through our facilities and land safely at your customers’ doorsteps.

By keeping our production employees at a distance of 6 feet, cleaning surfaces at the beginning and end of shifts, and promoting hand washing, we are able to both keep our employees safe and produce orders for your customers. Here is the full list of safety guidelines from the CDC that we will follow.


We are reassessing the situation daily and will keep you up-to-date if and when there are new developments.  We will communicate any changes through our SPOD Mailing - please ensure that you'll receive them, maybe check your SPAM folder if you haven't received our latest updates. 

Take care of yourself and your community,

Your SPOD team



What Are SPOD’s Working Hours and Holidays?

SPOD's service team is working Monday through Friday with phone hours 8am-5pm EST under +1-724-832-6290.

SPOD’s production facilities are open Monday through Friday, 6:30am EST to 11:30pm EST. Shipments are picked up daily by the carrier (times vary).

SPOD’s North American sites and offices are closed on the following dates:

  • April 10, 2020
  • May 25, 2020
  • July 3, 2020
  • September 7, 2020
  • November 26, 2020
  • December 24, 2020
  • December 25, 2020
  • January 1, 2021

What are SPOD’s shipping methods?

SPOD offers a trio of effective shipping methods, providing options for all kinds of buyers. Don’t forget to pass along this important information to all your customers and followers!

The three shipping options include:

  • Standard Shipping:
    • To US destinations:
      • 3-8 business days
      • Tracking provided
      • Includes Saturday delivery
      • Delivered by USPS
      • Alaska/Hawaii may require extra time
    • To any other destinations :
      • 3-18 business days
      • No tracking provided
      • Upon delivery, may be subject to import taxes, customs, and duties
  • Premium Shipping:
    • To US destinations:
      • 3-7 business days
      • Tracking provided
      • Includes Saturday delivery
      • Delivered by USPS Priority Mail
    • To any other destinations:
      • Not available
  • Express Shipping:
    • To US destinations:
      • 2-3 business days
      • Tracking provided
      • Delivered by FedEx
      • Not available for Alaska, Hawaii, PO boxes, and APOs
    • To any other destinations:
      • 2-5 business days
      • Tracking provided
      • Delivery by FedEx.
      • Not deliverable to PO Boxes. May be subject to import taxes, customs, and duties upon delivery.

The shipping costs depend of the item’s value. Please refer to our shipping cost calculator for more details.

Please note that in order to offer premium/express shipping, you’ll have to activate these specific methods for your Shopify store.

What are SPOD's shipping times and prices?

In order to protect our workers and meet Pennsylvania and Nevada state requirements, we would like to share with you what actions we take regarding COVID-19.


While most companies aren’t exactly transparent when it comes to shipping times, SPOD doesn’t beat around the bush. Thanks to our shipping calculator, you can easily determine how long deliveries will take based on destination and order value.

Besides offering the quickest turnaround time in the industry (inside of 48-hours for 95% of orders), SPOD also promises affordable, straight-forward shipping costs.

Shipping price is based solely upon order value (the production cost we charge you), and there are no hidden fees. For comparison’s sake, our competitors base their costs on which product types are ordered, individual product prices, and item count. This can prove to be overly complex, and you won’t deal with this headache when opting for SPOD.

It’s worth noting that order tracking is available for all domestically-shipped orders, but not for international orders.


How do add my store details to the package?

In the settings in your SPOD app you edit the Return to Sender addresses. 

Return to Sender address:

This address will also be taken from your Shopify account, however if the address is set outside of the USA, we will automatically print our Greensburg factory address on the front of your packaging.

The Return to Sender address can only be an address in the USA. 

If you have an address in the USA, you can set this as the Return to Sender address.

You can also customize your packaging by adding your company / store name, and this will be printed on the front of the packaging. 




How to get a GTIN exemption form

Selling on Amazon could require a GTIN exemption form. 

The exemption via letter template will work if the SPOD merchant are planning to sell their products under the brand name "SPOD".

If the SPOD merchant uses/wants to sell his products under a different brand name, the exemption may not work.

To do this for a different brand name it would be best to register the brand on Amazon Brand Registry or registering a trademark off Amazon, and request a UPC/GTIN exemption which is usually granted without problems for private label brands.

Please find a GTIN exemption letter from SPOD below:


How do I activate the different shipping methods?

As we previously detailed, SPOD provides three different shipping methods: standard, premium, and express.

It’s important to note that Shopify doesn’t explicitly list these shipping names, and they include their own variations of these various methods. Therefore, you’ll want to actively name each of these shipping types for your SPOD products.

If you do not name each of these methods, the following information should be passed along to your customers:

  • If the customer chooses a shipping method that includes the word “premium,” it will default to SPOD’s premium shipping type (assuming it’s available in the applicable country)
  • If the customer chooses a shipping method that includes the word “express,” it will default to SPOD’s express shipping type (assuming it’s available in the applicable country)
  • If the customer chooses any other shipping method, we’ll automatically default to the least-expensive route

When configuring your shipping methods and calculating the accompany costs, you’ll want to remember that SPOD does not support live rates.



If You Only Sell SPOD Products

It’s especially easy to configure your shipping methods if you’re only selling SPOD products in your Shopify store. To set up your shipping types, you’ll want to

  • Visit your shop, go to “Settings,” go to “Shipping”
  • Delete the existing national/international shipping zones
  • Create new national/international shipping zones.
  • For each zone, define the pricing (in different tiers) for standard/premium/express shipping

SPOD’s shipping pricing is tiered, so it’s essential that you configure your pricing settings in a similar way.

If You Sell SPOD Products and Non-SPOD Products

If your customers are able to complete a transaction with a mixed basket of SPOD and non-SPOD products, then you may want to slightly adjust your shipping methods. Overall, the setup method is the same; however, you’ll want to account for any additional charges if you’re going to be shipping separate products from another location.

Furthermore, you’ll want to confirm which shipping methods are used for these non-SPOD products, and you’ll want to adapt your shipping types accordingly. For instance, if SPOD is the only supplier to offer premium/express shipping, you shouldn’t be offering this shipping type to your customers.

How can I configure shipping cost in Shopify?

SPOD charges merchants for shipping fees. These fees are typically reimbursed to the merchant through the customer purchase price. Therefore, when you’re determining customer end-price, make sure you’ve accounted for shipping fees.

You can find SPOD’s shipping costs here. You’re not required to adhere to these exact numbers. For instance, if you want to offer customers a discount, you can lower your shipping prices. However, you’ll be required to make up the difference, ultimately resulting in less profit.

If you’re struggling with setting up and determining your shipping costs through Shopify, this helpful guide should provide some clarity.

How can I see the status of the order?

In order to protect our workers and meet Pennsylvania and Nevada state requirements, we would like to share with you what actions we take regarding COVID-19. 


Under the orders section in your Shopify dashboard, you will find a list of your orders. By filtering for the ‘SPOD’ tag, you will receive a list of all orders to be fulfilled by SPOD. By clicking on an order, you will see all items fulfilled by SPOD and their corresponding status (pending, fulfilled, etc.).

However, we recommend you check the status of the order in our SPOD app. Here you will find more detail on the order status than those shown in the Shopify order page.  

By clicking the Orders tab of the SPOD app you will find a list of all your orders being fulfilled by SPOD. Here, you can see a column with the name Status. Each order will have a status that is shown. There are different order states, you can find the details on what each order status means here.


How can I track the shipping of my customers' orders?

As soon as SPOD ships your customer's order, a tracking ID/URL is provided for the order in your Shopify account. Check the tracking status of individual orders from your Shopify dashboard by clicking "Orders" and then "Fulfillment".

Please note: All domestic orders automatically receive a tracking ID/URL. International orders are untracked.

Where is my order produced?

Your products will be produced at one of SPOD’s two U.S. print facilities. Our Greensburg, Pennsylvania and Las Vegas, Nevada facilities are well-versed in quality and speed, assuring an ideal buying (and selling) experience and have the resources on-hand for a high celing of upward scaling.

The Greensburg facility houses eleven cutting-edge printers, clocking in at an average print time of 5.72 seconds per product. With forty-nine employees on hand, the plant produces an average of 3,100 products per day. Meanwhile, the Vegas facility employs the services of twelve printers and thirty-six employees, giving that facility an average print time of 5.83 seconds per product and 2,304 products printed per day.


How to set up shipping for only the Customizer

If you want to set up a specific shipping model for products that are brought through the Customizer please follow the instructions below.

First of you need to locate the “Shipping profile” page in your Shopify settings. This can be found under the “Shipping” section.

Under “Rates at checkout” please click the button “Create new profile”.

Here you can search and find the product “Your Customized Product”. This is the product that SPOD uses to process any orders that come through the Customizer.

Then you can set up a shipping profile to your specific requirements, and this will apply only to items that are brought by your customers through the Customizer.



How are the products packed and sent to my customer?

SPOD utilizes white label packaging and package inserts, meaning that both are completely devoid of any branding or identifying marks. The customers are yours, the products are yours, the brand is yours. SPOD’s branding will not appear on anything we ship to customers. The package below is an example of how an order would be delivered to your customer. 

Adding merchant branding to packaging and package inserts is in consideration for the future, but at this time, everything is white label. We’ll keep you updated!



What happens if a product is out of stock?

You’ll be the first to know if a SPOD product is out of stock. Shopify automatically receives a stock update from SPOD once an hour, 24-hours a day. If a product is out of stock, we’ll inform Shopify, thus preventing the product from being added to a customer’s basket.

In the off chance that a product goes out of stock after an order has been placed, we will send you an e-mail to let you know. 

If you sell on third-party marketplaces, and send us an order where SPOD's live stock system is not used, we will send you an e-mail to let you know the order cannot be imported due to a product being out of stock. 

Please note: In order to receive accurate inventory information, please be sure that "SPOD tracks this variant's inventory" is always selected in the inventory policy dropdown.



Where does SPOD not ship to?

For various reasons there are some countries that SPOD cannot ship to.

Below is a complete list of all the countries that SPOD cannot process orders for: 

El Salvador
Marshall Islands
North Korea
North Macedonia

Northern Maria Island
Saint Kitts & Nevis
South Sudan
State of Palestine
Virgin Islands