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Product Creation

Your designs need a place to live. Fortunately, SPOD allows you to personalize any of our available products with your unique creations. Check out the FAQs to learn all about the product-creation process.

How does the design tool work?

SPOD’s design tool is fast and intuitive, allowing you to add designs, text, or uploaded images to create products just the way you want them. In order to achieve printed products that are as perfect in real life as they are in your mind, there are a few things you should know:

Know your print areas

A product’s print area consists of all the areas that can be printed on. In the Design Tool, you can see a square that’s either black or white. That’s the print area. Designs and text can only be placed inside those.

Design frame is red: Design cannot be printed. Drag it into the print area.

Design frame is green: Perfect!

Placing designs correctly

These tips will get the best out of your designs, regardless of the product:

Big Design: A big design usually looks best on the front of the shirt. To help you hit the center, you’ll find an aid line when your design hits the spot.


Small design: Small designs and logos come out great on the left or right chest. But make sure the design doesn’t get too close to the armpit. A third of the width is a fair measure for placement.


The design is too close to the armpit.

Drag it to the middle: Perfect!

Choose contrasting design and product colors

A dark design on a dark product will not come out great, even if it may look okay on your monitor. The same is true for bright designs on bright products, as well as all other color combinations that are too similar. Choose a contrasting color and product combination to make your designs come out great.

Product and design colors don’t offer enough contrast


Adjust design size to product size

Our product image in the Design Tool shows you a standard size (i.e. M). Choose your design size in relation to the standard size. If you order the product in a different size, the design cannot automatically be adjusted to the product size. The absolute size of your design will remain, regardless of whether you order it in S or 4XL. This is why the design may appear somewhat bigger or smaller on the actual product you receive.


  • You’re ordering for a group:Order tops for kids and adults separately, and adjust the design size manually. Make the design a bit smaller (i.e. for XS) or bigger (i.e. for XL) for favorable results.
  • You’re ordering a product with a huge printing area: Make sure that the design won’t look too small. Make it a bit bigger on products like aprons, blankets or pillows to achieve favorable results.

No design on zipper, fly or seams

Printing on the fly, seams, or zippers can’t be done. Never put your design, photos and text in these places. It may be possible to create a product this way (and to check out with the order), but we won’t be able to process the order.



How do I create products?

To create products, visit Shopify > Apps > SPOD app > and click the “Add product” button. Alternatively, you can achieve the same thing by clicking “Products” in the vertical left-hand menu and selecting "Create Spod product" from the "more actions" dropdown.

Selecting one of these two options will load the design tool automatically, allowing you to start creating your design. Add text and/or designs or upload your own image files. When you have finished creating your product, you will define the price.

How much you earn per item is determined by how much you choose to charge the customer versus your costs for the product. e.g. If your costs are $8.00 and you set your price at $18.00, you earn $10.00 per item. Finally, define any tags, names, and descriptions for your product (these fields are prefilled).

When these steps have been completed, click the “Save” at the bottom of the page, and your new product will automatically be synced to your Shopify store. This process could take some time based on the number of product colors you are activating. To check the product’s upload status, refer to the panel on the right side of the screen.

You’ll have the ability to create new products while your completed products are being synced to Shopify.







What are SPOD’s printing techniques?

Printing Techniques

Digital direct printing is the standard print method for SPOD. 

In computer-controlled production, the colors are sprayed onto the item. Digital Direct is SPODs standard print method, as it’s the most favored choice.

  • Available for all file formats
  • Brilliant print results
  • Smooth surface thanks to dyed-in-fabric prints

This is how we print: Digital Print


Digital Direct

Digital Direct


Thermo sublimation

Thermo sublimation


The design is initially printed on a transfer foil and then put onto the product by means of thermal evaporation.

  • Used to print on accessories like mugs and phone cases
  • Available for all file formats
  • Minimum resolution for pixel graphics: 400dpi
  • The product’s surface will be colorized

Digital Transfer/
Laser Transfer

Laser Transfer


The design is initially printed on a transfer foil and then printed on the product by applying heat. White products receive a transparent foil, color products a white transfer foil.

  • Used to print on accessories like bags and caps
  • Available for all file formats
  • A matte foil creates a design that can be easily sprayed on the product



Laundry test for best print results

Before products are added to our range, they are put through rigorous testing to ensure they live up to our high standards. Products/prints must go through a cycle of ten washes without losing color saturation before we consider them satisfactory for our customers. We accept nothing but brilliant prints with realistic color reproduction. This is the best way to establish quality assurance.

Colors may look different on the printed item than they appear on your monitor. This may be due to different reasons:

  • To print pixel designs, we need to render the color scheme from RGB to CMYK and make color corrections if necessary. This may lead to slight color variations.
  • Every screen displays colors differently. A combination of brightness, contrast and saturation can change color effects significantly.
  • The color of the fabrics effects the print result. The example below illustrates how different colors come out on white, black, and other colored fabrics.

If your monitor hasn’t been calibrated to ensure color fidelity, the print result is more likely to meet your expectations if the colors on your screen are set to look a bit brighter or more vibrant than the standard settings.

How is the product price calculated?

The base price of your product is based on how many of the product’s print areas contain designs. SPOD does not charge per design; rather, we charge by how many print areas you add designs to when creating/designing your product(s). The first print area is included in the base price.

These prices could be reduced based on the order volume. Please refer to the “Is there a volume discount?” article for more information.

The price you’ll pay will be visible throughout the entire product creation process and product base prices can be seen on our product assortment page.

How do I edit my existing products?

In order to edit a product it must first be duplicated.

To duplicate a product, select “Products” from the vertical left-hand menu of your Shopify dashboard. You will be redirected to a list of your created products. Select the product you want to change/duplicate from the list. When the product detail page opens, click on the “More actions” dropdown menu at the top of the page and select “Use product as template”. Doing so will open the design tool. Simply create your new product and sync it to Shopify.

The original product will remain unless manually deleted. Click here to learn how to delete products. 


How do I publish/unpublish my products?

When you create a product, the status is automatically set to “published” by default. To unpublish the product, you’ll need to change its status to “unavailable ” in the Shopify products overview page. Simply click the “Actions” tab and click “Make products unavailable.”

Alternatively, during the product creation process, you are given the choice to either immediately publish your product or to publish it manually later. On the right side of the screen, click the “Manage” button under “Sales channels.” Here, you can choose whether the product is sent to your online store.

If you wish to remove a product permanently from your Shopify store, select the product, click “Actions,” and select “Delete selected products.”



How do I get a sample product?

Every product created with SPOD can be ordered as a sample through Shopify. When registering, you get a 50% off two items coupon. Outside of this promo, you can order products at normal shop prices.

You can access your sample shop via the footer area of your app dashboard.