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Orders & Payments

You’re responsible for making the sales and reviewing the orders; SPOD is responsible for getting those products to the customers. Learn everything that goes into the order and payment process.

How do I approve my orders when manual order review is active?

Prior to approving an order and sending the order be fulfilled by SPOD please make sure to check following (once an order is 'In Production' the order cannot be changed):

  • Check that the shipping address is deliverable, e.g. check the shipping is complete and correctly filled out 
  • Check there is a customer name
  • Check the customer has paid


If you have activated manual order review, there are two different ways for you to request fulfillment:

Using the Order tab in the Shopify backend

  • Select “Orders” from the vertical left-hand menu of your Shopify dashboard
  • Once the order screen has loaded, select “Tagged with” option under the filter dropdown menu
  • Type “waiting for approval” in the text field and click the “Add filter” button
  • Select the order you want to review by clicking on the order number
  • Confirm that the unfulfilled order is awaiting production from SPOD (see upper part of the order detail tile)
  • Review the order details and confirm that you want the order to go to production by clicking the “Request fulfillment” button
  • You will be redirected to a list of the order items that you’d like to be fulfilled. Click the “Fulfill items” button to finish the approval process.





It is essential that you do not mark the order as “fulfilled”, as doing so will result in your products not being produced.

Remember that the application also provides a shortcut for merchants to quickly approve orders.



Using the SPOD app:

  • Open the SPOD app and select the Orders tab
  • Open the Order Detail page by clicking anywhere on the order row
  • Click the Request Fulfillment button 

Please see the screenshots below for how this looks like in the app. 



What order information does SPOD provide?

When a customer completes an order, merchants will have access to a wealth of information. This means you’ll have the ability to keep tabs on everything that goes into production and shipping.

Specifically, merchants will have access to

  • SPOD tracking ID
  • The specific order’s history
  • A downloadable invoice
  • A comprehensive breakdown of products and shipping costs
  • The ability to duplicate orders (more info below)
  • The ability to contact customer service about a specific order
  • The ability to cancel an order
  • Ability to request fulfillment (more info below)


Duplicate Orders

If a customer wants to re-order a specific product, you can easily duplicate their previous order. After clicking the “duplicate” button, you’ll automatically be directed to the Shopify interface (with all the relevant order information). If the order is duplicated in Shopify, we’ll still receive all the necessary information.

Request Fulfillment

Merchants can request fulfillment at any time, but this is only relevant for those who have activated “manual order review.” Furthermore, this means that merchants no longer have to rely on the actual Shopify order view.

Order States

It’s also important to remember SPOD’s seven order states, which summarize the status of a specific order. It would be a good idea to pass this specific information along to your customers:

  • In review: the order is awaiting review (approval/cancellation) by the merchant.
  • Waiting for your payment: order is approved (or manual order review isn’t activated), but the payment authorization has failed.
  • Waiting for customer payment: the order is waiting for the payment by the customer
  • In production: the order is currently being produced.
  • Fulfilled: the order has been handed over to the shipping handler.
  • Cancelled: the order has been cancelled by SPOD or the merchant.
  • Needs action: there is a problem with your order, please check the order details. This is usually a shipping address issue.

What does order needs action mean?

If there is a problem with importing your order into the SPOD app, this will be clearly highlighted to you on the dashboard of the SPOD app. 

Please see the screenshot below for an example of what this looks like. 

By clicking the "See Orders In Shopify" button, you will taken to the order in Shopify's backend. Here, you are able to fix any issues wit the order. The issue is normally with the shipping address. 


You will also find the error message in the Order Detail page. By clicking the "See Order In Shopify", you will be taken the order page in the Shopify backend to fix any issues with the order.  



Can I create a manual or draft order?

Merchants have the ability to create “draft orders,” which are orders placed on behalf of the customer. These are similar to standard orders, and we’ll proceed with the traditional process once the payment has been received. All the merchant has to do is send their customer an invoice and await their payment.

It’s important to remember that all orders need a proper shipping address. If the shipping address is incomplete or missing, the orders will not be created. In order to proceed with production, the proper shipping address will need to be submitted.

If you believe the shipping address is correct and the order hasn’t shipped within 48 hours, then please contact

I clicked “Mark as Fulfilled” despite the order not being fulfilled. What will happen?


If you activated manual order review, you’ll have to follow a list of steps to have a relevant order fulfilled. Once you’ve followed all these steps, you may find yourself visiting your “Orders” page. Under each order, you’ll see a “Mark As Fulfilled” button.

DO NOT CLICK THIS BUTTON IF THE ORDER HASN’T BEEN FULFILLED. If you click this button prior to the order being processed and created, your customer may still receive an email announcing that your order has been shipped (which isn’t the case). We also might lose our ability to include the tracking information with the order, leading to unnecessary headaches.

To avoid any confusion, we’ll automatically mark the order(s) as “fulfilled” when the products leave our factory. This is also when we’ll provide you with tracking information (assuming tracking is available for the chosen shipping method).

I’ve set “manual order review” as inactive. Is there a chance the order still won’t go into production?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: if you haven’t activated manual order review, orders will normally go straight into production. However, the order will not go into production if the order is currently unpaid. In this scenario, there are two ways the order can be sent into production:

  1. Merchant clicks “request fulfillment” for this applicable order
  2. The customer pays for the order

If either of these tasks are completed, the order will immediately be sent into production.

For more on manual order review, visit here.

What happens when someone places an order?

Watch our Video Tutorial 



How to review an order

If you have opted for manual order review , new orders will be marked as “open” in your Shopify order details until you manually approve them for fulfillment. Once you approve the order, we’ll authorize a payment (place a hold) for product/shipping costs with the credit card on file. We’ll then print, pack, and ship the order(s).

There are some checks that you should do before requesting fulfillment:

  • Check that the shipping address is deliverable, e.g. check the shipping is complete and correctly filled out 
  • Check there is a customer name
  • Check the customer has paid

Once the package is shipped, we will:

  • Charge the credit card on file
  • Update the Shopify order status to “fulfilled”

To be clear, there’s a difference between “authorizing” a payment on the credit card and “charging” the credit card. You do not pay a penny until the product has been shipped.

What if manual order review is deactivated?

If manual order review is deactivated, your orders will automatically go into production with no review from you. This means SPOD will:

  • Authorize the payment on the merchant’s credit card
  • Complete the production process
  • Ship the order
  • Charge the merchant’s credit card


Can an order be changed before it’s shipped?

Yes. Assuming the item/order is not already in production you can change the order details. The usual need for this is to change the shipping address. 

You cannot request partial fulfillment of items in an order, this will result in a failure. If you need partial fulfillment, you will need to create a new order. 

With print-on-demand, all items are custom printed and never pre-produced.

Please note that once the was the order is in production, there is no option to change the order details. The order is in production once the badge is shown on the order detail page. Please see below for an example of an order in production. 



What happens if there are problems with your payment?

At present we are only accepting credit card payments, but have immediate plans to support PayPal, ApplePay, etc.

Problems that can occur with credit card payments:

  • Payment authorization isn’t possible
  • Money cannot be captured (received)
  • Credit card information provided is not accurate
  • Credit card has not been activated or is expired
  • Repeated authorizations have resulted in SPOD being flagged by the credit agency

In the case of the latter, you should contact the credit agency contacted directly with verbal approval for authorizations from SPOD/ Spreadshirt Inc..

If payment authorization is not possible, we will not be able to proceed to the production phase. The order will be marked “pending payment”, and the merchant will be informed of the issue. The merchant would need to provide new credit card data or check the previous data for any errors.

If you come across any of these issues, you’ll need to delete your credit card info and try again. This is an essential step; you’ll need to reenter this information even if it’s identical to the previous information you provided.

How do I access my invoices?

To access your invoices, visit the “Billing and Invoicing” section in the application. After clicking the button, you’ll be able to view your list of payments/invoices that include SPOD products. We display every transaction, including non-finalized orders.

Only finalized orders have invoices, and can be represented as positive amounts (the money that’s been paid to us) or negative amounts (refunds). Each of these individual payments will be accompanied by a link to an invoice that you can view and/or download. These invoices are always available.

If the information in an invoice is wrong, please check the settings and/or contact us.



Supported Currencies

SPOD currently has three currency clusters. The actively supported currencies, the passively supported currencies and the unsupported currencies.

SPOD is currently actively supporting USD ($) only. All prices that you can see in the backend are based on tis currency. The passively supported currencies are currencies where we provide prices in the backend and for the Customizer in the frontend. These prices are based on an daily exchange rate. This includes currencies as CAD, EUR, GBP, DKK, PLN, CHF, SEK, AUD.

The unsupported currencies are the currencies we do NOT provide any exchange rates or localized prices for. 

We are working on extending the list of passively supported currencies in the future.