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App Setup

Are you ready to take advantage of Shopify’s premier print-on-demand service? Before you capitalize on SPOD’s long list of benefits, you’ll have to set up the app. In this section, you’ll learn the ins and outs of installing and using the application.

What happens when I install the shopify app?

Upon installation, SPOD creates a fulfillment service. What this means is that all orders containing SPOD products and all SPOD product stock info is managed automatically via the app.

Our app is as seamlessly integrated to Shopify as possible, meaning your workflows and processes will mostly remain the same. You can find it in Shopify’s app section, but you also have shortcuts to the app from the Products and Orders lists (to create products and review orders, respectively).


What app settings do I need to know?

SPOD is intended to boost convenience, allowing you to focus on selling instead of the technical settings. Therefore, we’d suggest being aware of two factors:

  • Would you like all orders to go into production automatically, or would you rather review all orders prior to production? If you would like all orders to be reviewed manually, go to this article.
  • To get your orders produced, you will need to provide us with your payment details. You can learn more about these details here.
  • Allow your customers to modify your designs, personalize your products, or create something from scratch with the Customizer. Read all about it here.
  • Do you want to quickly and easily add one design or multiple products? You can learn more about this helpful shortcut here.
  • If you want a product’s additional print area(s) to be visible in your Shopify store, then check out this FAQ.

Where can I define my payment settings?

When you go into the settings, you can define a credit card. This will be used for all orders sent to our production facilities. SPOD will only charge your credit card if an order is produced and shipped to your customer.

We do not store your credit card data. Rather, we send the encrypted data to our bank, Adyen. This increases your security, and it’s also the reason why we don’t display any data in the app.

At present we are only accepting credit card payments, but we have immediate plans to support PayPal, ApplePay, etc.



Where can I activate/deactivate manual order review?

Yes. Merchants have the option of reviewing their orders prior to production. To activate this setting, visit Shopify > Apps > SPOD app > Settings.




If you choose to manually review orders, remember the following:

  • Orders will not be produced until they are manually approved by the merchant
  • We will not charge the merchant’s credit card until the order is approved and produced
  • A delay in production and shipping is created until orders have been approved


Are there any fees for using the APP?

Our fulfillment services are completely free. There are no fees or setup costs. When we receive an order, a hold (authorization) for the amount will be placed on the credit card on file.

We will not charge the merchant’s card until the order has shipped. The only costs incurred are for product base price and shipping. More information can be found here.

Does SPOD support Shopify’s ‘Buy Button’?

Yes, we do! Thanks to this feature, you can guide your customers to make a purchase, regardless of the website.

Specifically, by taking advantage of the Shopify ‘Buy Button,’ you’ll be creating an embeddable listing that can be inserted into any website. If you activate “auto publish for sale” before you sync SPOD products to Shopify, then the product will automatically be compatible with the ‘Buy Button.’

If the product doesn’t seem to be compatible with this button, please verify that the product’s publishing settings are properly configured. Visit Products > Product Details > Product Availability to assure that you’ve activated “auto publish for sale.” The button’s checkbox also needs to be checked.

Can I sell other products in my Shop when using the App?

Yes. You can sell as many different products from as many different suppliers as you like.

If you are currently utilizing other print-on-demand, drop shipping, or fulfillment services, you can still install and utilize SPOD. SPOD only interacts with SPOD-specific SKUs and will not affect other products, giving you the opportunity to enjoy our speed, quality, and services at no risk to your other products or provider interaction.

How do I uninstall the application and delete my user account?

The application can be uninstalled by visiting the Shopify admin. Click on “Apps”, locate the SPOD application and click on the garbage can. As soon as the application is uninstalled, all applicable data is deleted.

Tip: All pending invoices should be downloaded before the application is uninstalled.

If you decide to uninstall the app, we won't automatically delete our products; this will be up to the you. Furthermore, if you opt for another supplier, you are not allowed to use our product images on your site.

We suggest deleting the products even if you intend on re-installing the app. The products won't carry over to the second iteration of your Shopify-SPOD pairing.